On October 7th, 2000, I married my husband.

On July 8th, 2001, I married my Savior.

My journey to God was easy and natural.  I studied the bible with women who showed me the truth in God’s love and His promises for my life, both here on earth and in heaven.  My husband was studying the bible with men who were showing him the same truths about God’s love for us.  On that hot summer day in July, my husband and I were both submerged in the waters of baptism!  What a glorious day!

And then…life happened.  The sudden death of my father-in-law tore my husband’s heart to shreds.  His job as a firefighter often left him pained and caused him to question, “can God really be good all the time?”

Before I knew it, I was attending church by myself.  Packing up my two small children and walking through those church doors.

I sat with the handful of women who were also in my similar situation.

Spiritually Single.  Spiritually Mismatched. Unequally yoked.

Whatever you want to call it, I was called to be a woman of God and a loyal wife to my husband.

Over the years I have made many mistakes and I have learned many lessons as a result of those mistakes.  Through those mistakes, I was eager to learn more about how to be a Godly wife to a man whose heart was leery of trusting God.

I sat at the feet of incredibly faithful, God-fearing women; I soaked in their advice.  I begged God, daily, for wisdom.  Unsure whether or not I was making an impact on my husband’s heart, God eventually revealed to me that I did more than I realized.

A couple months prior to my husband’s fatal accident, my children and I had noticed a significant change in his heart for God.  The three of us commented to each other about the noticeable change in the man we loved so dearly.

We didn’t know that God had been preparing my husband’s heart…transforming it so that they could be together for eternity.

My job as a spiritually single wife has been completed…but my love for this ministry is deeply rooted within me and is the core foundation of the faithful woman I am today.

I have a deep level of love, respect and compassion for spiritually single wives. And I will continue to pour my heart into this ministry.

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